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Our Partnership

The Subsidized Employment Program provided by Department of Assistance aims to provide permanent, full-time employment with its eligible participants. 

What is the Subsidized Employment Program?

Sacramento County residents who are unemployed and have a lack of experience are brought into the Subsidized Employment Program to introduce them in the workforce. This program then provides reimbursement of wages for employers up to six months to encourage recruiting from the program. The mission of the Department of Human Assistance is to make each candidate of the program self-sufficient and successful in the workforce of California and as a result they lead a happier and more fulfilling life for themselves and their families.

Do You Qualify?

Currently Unemployed 

Possible participants towards the programs requires them to be currently NOT employed, self-employed, or underemployed. 

Low amount of Skill, Education, or experience 

The Subsidized Employment Program helps bring people with a low amount of work experience, little applicable skills, and minimal education to a stable career in the work force. 

Inability to find employment

Participants who have found their own jobs are not eligible to this program. The Subsidized Employment Program targets participants who have difficulty finding employment. 

Become Part of the Work Force


How the DHA Finds Work

The Subsidized Employment Program finds available employment positions for eligible candidates within the program. When a position is found for a candidate, their resume and relevant information is sent to the employer for them to review and employ.


12 Month Program

After the DHA finds employment for a candidate, the first six months include an active collaboration with the DHA and the employer to form a solid foundation of employment for the candidate. After 12 months of successful employment, the candidate will successfully leave the program becoming part of the workforce.


Retention Services

Each participant of the program will be in contact with a retention specialist that assists with barriers to employment. Working through issues such as childcare, transportation to work, attendance, time management and more. These services last for the first six months of employment.

Get Started Today

1050 Fulton Ave STE #110, Sacramento, CA 95825

Tele: (916) 481-0340

Fax: (916) 481-2815

To find out where to apply or for more information, give us a call!

To learn additional information about the Subsidized Employment program and additional programs the DHA has to offer, contact us! Whether you are interested in finding work or have an established business looking for new employees, we can get you started.

Sacramento County Mission Statement

"The Department of Human Assistance helps Sacramento County residents who are in need become self-sufficient and independent, by providing public benefits, employment assistance, and supportive services."

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