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Meet The Team

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Interested in Volunteer Opportunities?

We believe in providing our clients with all sorts of positions including onboarding with us! We offer our eligible clients the opportunity to volunteer for a period of time before possible becoming a permanent employee based on performance. Interested? Please see the qualities of our volunteers we look for down below! 


Contact the Main Office to inquire more: (916) 481-0340 


Bach Viet is always looking for paths of improvement regarding our organization procedures. We are looking for innovative and self-managed individuals with a drive.  


Our job requires in-depth conversations with hundreds of clients in a day. Volunteers are required to be professional, friendly, and inspire our clients in their endeavors. We, at Bach Viet, like to stand as an example for others.

detail orientated

What makes the world go round? Paperwork! Our volunteers are extremely detail orientated when filling out paperwork for clients. Volunteers must be fluent in verbal and written English. 


Bach Viet Association has served refugees for decades and what we are never short of are multi-lingual individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to serve our community with us.

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