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  • Can I enroll into the program online?
    All enrollments must be done in person at the Main Office and cannot be done online.
  • If I am enrolled with another SETA Employment Service Provider, can I still enroll with Bach Viet Association?
    Clients cannot be enrolled with another SETA Service Provider in order to be eligible to enroll with Bach Viet Association. If you would like to know what Service Providers are, please click here to read more.
  • What are the eligibility requirements in order to enroll into a refugee program?
    Eligible clients have been in the United States for less than five years, have a unexpired refugee/asylee/SIV status and is a Sacramento County resident. For additional questions regarding your specific refugee code eligibility, please bring your travel documents to the office or contact the office at (916) 481-0340.
  • What is a I-94?
    An I-94 is an essential document to determine your class of admission or parole into the United States. Please click the link to read more.
  • I have a referral from (RS-3) from the Department of Human Resources and am interested in enrolling with Bach Viet Association, how would that process look like?
    After reviewing your travel documents to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements to enroll into the RESS program, we will verify your case with SETA. This whole process could take up to 1-3 days, and once you are enrolled, we will sign your RS-3 and begin the intake process.
  • How does the program work?
    After reviewing your travel documents to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements to enroll into the RESS program, we will verify your case with SETA. Once you are enrolled, we will begin the enrollment process. This program is at minimum, a three month process and includes multiple meetings with your case manager with the purpose of providing assistance, guidance, and referrals to employment opportunities. Please see our Refugee Services page for more information.
  • What are your Holidays?
    2023 - 2024 Holiday Schedule
  • Can I attend classes online?
    Clients enrolled with BVA will have to attend classes daily in person. There are online classes for students who started working and it will be through Highlands Community Charter School.
  • How will I get to class?
    If a client is in need of transportation to attend classes, please inform your case manager or the VESL Instructor and you will be provided Daily Bus Passes.
  • Does Bach Viet has any ESL Classes?
    Bach Viet does not offer English as a Second Language Classes (ESL). We only offer Vocational English as a Second Language Classes (VESL). Vocational ESL courses or programs serve postsecondary students whose native language is not English, whose primary residence is inside the United States, and whose purpose for training is to enhance their professional/job-related skills and opportunities.
  • How do you determine our SPL Level?
    All clients will be taking an English-assessment test on-site to determine your English level placement in class.
  • What kind of jobs are available?
    The type of available jobs will vary based on the employer's demands. The pay rate depends on the employer, but it will range averagely between $15.50-$19.00. We mostly have physical jobs in demand right now.
  • Do we need a work permit to find a job?
    Yes, a work permit is a necessity for employers.
  • Will BVA staff members be able to help with applying for a work permit?
    Job Developers will be able to help clients apply for a work permit.
  • How do you help me find a job?
    In addition to job search workshops during classes, clients will meet with the job developers whenever available to discuss job offers, attend job fairs, and create resumes to refer to potential employers. Please refer to our Refugee Services page for more information.
  • Will I be eligible for supportive services?
    To be eligible for supportive services, please discuss your case and needs with your case manager. If you qualify for supportive services will vary on your case and the organization’s current funds.
  • How much does donation go to refugee support?
    100% of both monetary and material donation goes into the Sacramento refugee community.
  • What kind of supportive services do you offer?
    The supportive services we offer are: Rental Support, Household Services, Technological Support, and Ancillary Support. We also provide bus passes for clients without reliable transportation, if you are interested please contact your case manager.
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