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Sayed Mustafa Sadat

Job Developer

I hold a medical degree and completed two adventurous years pursuing a Master's Degree in India. Besides having my own personal business, I have also worked as a senior health advisor at the Parliament in Afghanistan.

Bach Viet has given me a remarkable position to make a difference for the refugees in the Sacramento community.

Guiding refugees towards independence is not just a role; it's a privilege. It's here that I've had the honor of working alongside an extraordinary team, where every day is a new lesson in compassion and a fresh wellspring of inspiration. I have directly assessed and guided refugees in their pursuit of independence. This journey has taught me about the resilience and strength of refugees, deepening my appreciation for the diversity and richness they bring to our community.

What I cherish most about my role is witnessing the incredible transformations when refugees receive the support, assistance, and opportunities they deserve together. We are not just changing lives; we are transforming communities. Each individual we assist adds a vibrant thread to the rich tapestry of humanity. My story is a testament to the power of collaboration and the belief that we can bring about profound change through unity and empathy.

(916) 841-9337

Sayed Mustafa Sadat
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